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Andreja Peric Jezernik – SOFIKLEJA

Sofikleja by Folt Bolt

The story of Sofikleja began three years ago, in 2011, when I started to attend a creative ceramics workshop.

I am a proof-reader and an editor and I spent countless hours sitting in front of my computer and reading … I simply needed a change – and a challenge.

My first creations were ceramic pots for my dogs and my cat, but soon I discovered my love for detail and made myself a pair of tiny Sofikleja earrings .

And soon another, and another … I enjoyed creating jewellery so much, I didn´t hesitate and started promoting my work on the Sofikleja Facebook Page, presenting my work at major Art Markets and Craft Fairs throughout Slovenia and recently opened the Sofikleja Etsy Shop

If someone would ask me, why I chose clay for my jewellery, my answer would be very simple: I LOVE CLAY.

Not only because it calms me down, when I work with it, but also because it sets absolutely no creative limitations.

Experiencing the joy when earrings, a brooch, a pendant or a necklace you created make someone happy, special and (even more) beautiful, is only another beautiful dimension Sofikleja brought into my life. As my love for details is growing stronger, I always challenge myself to make the patterns for Sofikleja Jewellery very exquisite and unique.

Ever since I started Sofikleja, I could not resist to express my love for animals with a special Sofikleja Jewellery Series, that involves different animal motifs.

The story of Sofikleja is a story about how an innocent attempt to escape the daily routine can grow into passion and changes your life completely.

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