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Anarina Anar

My name is Angeliki and I am a polymer clay artist from Athens, Greece, where I live with my husband and daughters. My shop name, Anarina Anar, has special meaning as I combined the names of my daughters, Anna and Erini for the first part, and the second, Anar, represents my husband's roots. Anar means pomegranate in Farsi, a symbol of good luck. I studied economics, but never loved it. It felt like something completely opposite to who I am. On the other hand, creating things has always been a pleasure and a need. My mother and grandmother were always working on projects during my childhood and taught me along the way. The first project that I can remember was when I was six years old, an embroidery cushion for my brother. I also loved knitting, but when I discovered polymer clay, I found my true passion. Polymer clay is a magical medium and has endless possibilities! Someone I know said that it is the art of God and that is true for me. When I start to play with the clay, I forget almost everything outside of the process and lose myself in it. I never know what I want to make when I start. It evolves as I work with it. My inspiration is color driven with earthy, organic shapes. I find it fascinating to think of people around the world wearing my jewelry and love receiving photos of them wearing it. I've made pieces to match special outfits and enjoy doing that, so don't hesitate to ask me about ideas or special commissions.

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