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My love for lace crochet began shortly after graduating from art school with a degree in painting. On a trip to Florida visiting my grandparents I spent the entire week with my nana in an intensive doily making workshop.

My project was a vintage doily made of butcher’s twine and the end result was bulky and lacked finesse.

I loved the open work and symmetry, but more importantly I loved the structure and limitations of crochet.

My style of painting is aggressive and spontaneous. I spend hours adding paint and scraping it away until there are many layers and stories, revealing something that is surprising even to me.

My paintings are very personal, private things that I often don’t like to share, and the process of making them can be quite unpredictable and sometimes stressful. Having a plan and following patterns gives me a sense of control which I typically don’t feel when painting. I love that the craft and technique speaks for itself and I’m happy to be making things that are just meant to be beautiful and nothing more. It has become a very important creative outlet for me.

Over the past few years I have taken a break from painting to dedicate more time to studying and practicing the techniques of crochet. I have found myself increasingly attracted to finer lace and heirloom quality patterns and I have since updated, translated and adapted patterns dating back to as early as the late 19th century. As a painter I enjoy incorporating color and texture into my crocheted work and collaging together different styles, eras and techniques. I love working with very fine, lace quality string and tiny steel hooks and most of my work is dyed using traditional painting techniques. My crochet jewelry is created using either antique patterns that I’ve altered or my own floral motif patterns. I really hope my jewelry designs reflect my ability as a painter and my appreciation for both the history and technique of crochet.

I’m currently working on a series of 3D crocheted lace masks which, in many ways, are reminiscent of my paintings. If you would like to see these or some of the other things I’ve been working on please take a look.

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