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Amanda Barnes

Every piece that I make is totally unique. Even if I'm using the same fabric or accessories, each small creation is absolutely one of a kind.

My latest mice 'The Inquisitives' are all paired with a preloved, vintage or antique item such as a wooden cotton reel or piece of antique lace. I also like to portray real life characters like Frida Kahlo, Picasso or Van Gogh as well as fictional characters like my very popular Negan mice. If you watch Criminal Minds, you might see my little yellow polka dot Garcia mouse on Penelope Garcia’s desk in the latest season. She even has a close up in the episode ‘The Bunker’.

I love to use Harris Tweed, Velvet and Liberty Fabrics for my small creatures and living in Scotland, UK, it's especially important for me to use either British fabrics or recycled and vintage pieces to give them that extra special touch. I love to use bright and vibrant colours and I really enjoy adding little accessories like miniature crochet, embroidery or books that I have made myself. My latest mice feature dandelion clocks made of wire and small artificial stamens. I like to think it’s the extra touches that make my mice so special!

I use these accessories for my commission pieces as well, often giving the little mice a personal touch particular to the person commissioning the piece.

Above all else, I love what I do and I really hope that this comes through with every piece that I make.

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