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Vicki Barry

In 2012, I discovered alcohol inks and was immediately captivated by their vibrant, transparent colors.

The intensity and movement of the inks when applied to Yupo synthetic paper, both intrigues and challenges me.

Upon my discovery of alcohol ink, my creative mind was captured by the impulse to seriously paint with them and to begin showing my work. This is an endlessly inspiring and beautiful medium. My work has been described as happy, bright, vibrant and cheerful!

Because of their brilliance, alcohol inks lend themselves well to floral paintings. I find flowers and foliage beautiful in their variety and color. I enjoy the shapes and contrast of shadow when painting these subjects.

Painting abstracts feeds my hunger for creative expression. I find abstraction a remedy for artist block by allowing the inks to take me on fascinating, color-filled, and unpredictable journeys.

I live and work in Eureka, CA.

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Water Lilies II.

Tulips from A Friend

Flower Power

Rhododendron - work in progress

Mountain Wild Flowers



Flowering Maple II.

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