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Art - the common language of the Universe. I'm happy to communicate with people from different countries and we do not need words to understand each other. It's great when you can express your thoughts, emotions and feelings in pictures and share them.

The most exciting thing about painting is the lack of boundaries. You forget about time and let your imagination run away with you in a world created by yourself where only positive emotions will live in.

A world, which you have filled with.

In my paintings you will not find gloomy tones or negative emotions. I love the games of colors and unusual color combinations. I like work at the edge, that is to say, at the frontier between the real world and the world of my own imagination. It is a pleasure for me to stop a moment and convey the power of love, the energy of joy, the immensity of tranquility and harmony.

I am inspired by Nature. I believe she is the most brilliant artist ever. The immensity of the sky, sunbeams falling on the leaves of trees swayed by the wind, the waves of the sea, endless horizons of fields, majestic mountains, fairy forest and so on.

Drawing has always been my favorite pastime. My parents still smile when they remember how, being a child, I drew all the walls at my great-grandmother's house. She took care of me while my parents were at work.

Since then, the pencil has been with me everywhere - at school, at university and at work. I spent long hours in the office attending boring meetings drawing on my sketchbook.

Later, my loophole in the Art World has become into a design studio whose opening has allowed me to create custom advertising campaigns for European companies, in Ukraine and abroad. There I was able to give free rein to their creative imaginations.

And one day me, a resident of Kiev, the metropolis, decided to leave the city and live in a house near a big, almost fairy-tale forest. This decision changed my life. Day after day began to be born paintings that only were in plans before.

I started to paint in oils, acrylics and pencil drawings, taking advantage of new technologies. And I thought that maybe, it was time to stop curbing a reality that for so many years was living inside of me. Now I can say for sure that failure is not our biggest enemy but doubts and fears.

Actually, I spend most of my spare time engaged in creative work, and it gives me ineffable pleasure. My paintings found great places for living in Europe, Asia and the USA. One of my first jobs was a series of paintings, «Love is in the air», which I want to share with you. After all, love, this is the beginning of all beginnings, is the reason why it is worth living and working.

The boundaries of your imagination are the limits of your world. And I wish you allow those limits to go away.

With Love,



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