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Pavla Čepelíková / Saffron Addict

"I am 40-year-old girl 😊 born in Prague (Czech Republic), but recently I moved out to become a villager-beginner!

I use artistic “trademark” Saffron Addict (Saffron is name /flower which I like, and I am “Addicted” on polymer clay)

I felt in love into Polymer Clay 7 years ago. This medium is like a chameleon. You can create anything you want.

I have some artistic education (painting and sculpting), which helping me a lot both with creating and teaching.

I am grateful my parents for supporting my private artistic study!

Teaching in workshop and writing tutorials is my favorite way to share my artistic work and be inspired by genuine student’s ideas 😊. Successful students are very important for me, so I share all my tricks and tips during teaching and writing tutorials. Lots of students have been afraid of color combinations, to help them I've started to add color tips to my tutorials.

I like smaller delicate and detailed pieces, with some story, and love to combine strange colors with 3D shapes. Usually I make brooches and earrings in small series, just few pieces, but I want them made well done, each original and made with love.

Most of my work is inspired by nature, especially by flowers, animals and sea life.

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