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Jackie Gale is an award winning UK textile artist whose colourful and vibrant work reflects the energy and creativity of her character.

Influenced by her passion for naive art, she tells the story with colour and texture. Every piece is full of engaging detail, boasting a wonderful multidimensional quality. Narrative is an essential component of Jackie's work and her ability to capture the essence of a place or theme using layers of fabrics and mixed materials makes her work truly unique.

Her inspiration comes from a number of sources including her travels around the world and her love of vibrant colour. Living in the glorious SouthWest of England also gives her an endless supply of beautiful harbours, coves and woodlands to explore and draw ideas from. She does firmly believe, however, that inspiration is all around us and that every place has a story to tell. Jackie works and teaches free style modern embroidery from her studio in South Devon.

Jackie's work has attracted wide interest both nationally and internationally and in 2015 she was awarded 'Best Up & Coming UK Artist' by the Fine Art Trade Guild. She is the first textile artist to win this art award and is delighted to be able to influence the rise of interest for this art genre.

Jackie is a proud member of the Association of British Naive Artists.

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