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Yeanni Koo

Yeanni Ko by Folt Bolt

I am a artist from Malaysia.

Through the subconscious, imagination and observation,

my work delves into the historical and cultural aspects of Malaysia. Inspired by the innocence and naivety of children's creativity, the artist portrays significant events through the use of line and form. Thus, generating a personal narrative of the artist's perception. My works embrace the life,history and cultural aspects of Malaysia.They investigate the historical development the country at the same time adopt a unique painting method to record the preserved culture and value of the native soil.The configuration of forms is often inspired by the folk art of its three main races.

Years of experience in children art teaching allowed me to learn the pure,spontaneous and unconstrained process found in children art.

The process combined with the subject matters .I am interested and reveal in my canvases.

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