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DeeArtist wire wrapped jewelry – inspired by the past, safe to wear and made to last!

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and for all of you on a coffee break:

Hello, Folt Bolt’s colorful team, fans, friends and lovers!

My name is Danica Asurdzic, I live in Novi Sad, Serbia (Europe). DeeArtist is my “brand name” – my signature since high school days, derived from my initials and main occupation – anything related to “art”!

I was born in 1974. I grew up on a farm in a rustic ambient with lots of animals, trees and beautiful gardens with flowers and vegetables. I had a pet chicken Pipilina who was trained to follow me around and fly to my arms (Cato Fong style)! My favorite games were to search for butterflies and ladybugs, pick unusual wildflowers, climb up the fence and watch the sunset every evening, or to play in the sand, looking for pretty pebbles and shells...

I loved to paint and draw (caricatures), make miniature sculptures, knit and sew tiny clothes and bags for my dolls. My favorite books were about Wizard of Oz and Dorothy, and favorite movie - Superman (because of his crystal cave)...

As a teenager, I used to write funny poems, I was obsessed with 80’s music, loved to dance and I dreamed to become a DJ someday (I was just a “Dee Ay” back then)...

I had a secret map of steps to follow in the pavement, so I could locate “my star” above the chimney in the night sky. Waiting for a star to fall, I had so many dreams...

I wanted to study arts, but I wasn’t so lucky, life took me in opposite direction.

We shall skip that part, fast forward to nowadays – you'll see, I haven’t changed a bit!

I have a small aviary with family of 12 rescued “pet” pigeons on my terrace, they are named after my favorite movie/tv show/rock stars: Nebula, Elvis, Lucifer (Morningstar), Jesse (Pinkman), Billy (Idol) etc.

I still love superhero movies – I’m a huge Marvel fan! Have you seen my Groot pendant?

Sometimes I stay up all night, working, just to take pictures of the sunrise in the morning...

Now I make music mixes on my computer, like a real DJ... and I still search for the most beautiful “pebbles” – gemstones and crystals, playing with beads while sculpting wires, in order to create the worlds of my childhood dreams!

With wires, everything is possible.

Materials that I love the most are: semi precious gemstones, crystals, lampwork glass, Abalone shells, pearls, ceramic, exotic wood beads, fossils and amber... Coming from all around the world, natural gemstones and crystals for me symbolize part of the Earth history and unity of mankind. It's my way to visit some places I've never been before, and give something in return, frame them, let them become a piece of art.

I use traditional techniques of wire wrapping and weaving in copper, brass, silver plated or sterling silver wire. I’m always in a process of learning, and if I haven’t learnt something new today, I feel like my time has been wasted.

Every piece that I make has to be unique, different. That is my “secret spice”.

I don’t like to follow the rules or tutorials, I rarely measure wires or draw my designs - I can see them, but I could never force them.

I never know what some cabochon shall become before it’s finished.

I only know why I want to create... It's an ancient instinct, desire to leave something behind.

If I had kids, I would probably live to fulfill their dreams, but... I can always revisit Mini-Me's dreams.

My art is my heritage...

Inspired by my childhood dreams, dedicated to the things I always loved -

Trees, mountains, rivers, caves,

flowers, grass, ocean, shells,

clouds with rain, snow and ice,

books, comics, music, dance,

movies, legends, future, past,

Earth, Space, stars and dust.

Inspired by the people that I admire, true artists, rebels, visionaries, people who promote freedom, love, kindness and progress.

Inspired by colorful souls, just like you!

And now, I would like to inspire you, and perhaps, make you smile!

Here are a few things you should remember:

FOLTBOLT17 is a secret code.

It is valid until February 14th

next important number is 10% discount

for every purchase over $50 in my Etsy shop!

Let me know if it works!

Just follow the map and find your star, above the chimney, tonight...

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