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My name is Magdalena Urbanová, I live in beautiful historical town Prague, capital of The Czech Republic, which is located in central Europe. For most of my life I have been interested in enameling, over 3000 years old art-craft technique. I grew up with enamel thanks to my mother who taught me the basics of enameling and let me experiment with her materials.

My work is inspired by my studies of ethnology at Charles University, followed by goldsmith studies and my life-long interest in history of art. Since 2000 I have been focusing on enamel, occasionally accompanied by watercolor, pastel and acrylic. My interest and devotion to enameling led to composing the first Czech book about enamel history and techniques called “Smalt ve výtvarné tvorbě – historické a současné techniky” (in English Enamel in art – historical and contemporary techniques).

My signature can be easily recognized by rich colours and combination of multiple techniques. I like to experiment with layering and each enamel is therefore put in the kiln many times.

Together with my friend we established a brand URBAN.KA in 2014. We like to say that it is "the next life of enamel". We work with digitally printed motifs and patterns that are based on my enamels, watercolours and pastels. The rich colours, shine and every detail of the enamel base can be perfectly reproduced on silk resulting in creation of a collection of silk scarves, with hand hemming to complete the feel of luxury.

I am sure, that enamel is my fate and I am happy for it.

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