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Guenevere McMahon - ArtfulBlasphemy

Guenevere McMahon - Artful Blasphemy by Folt Bolt

My parents were going to name me Bambi, but they saw a better movie and so I am named Guenevere McMahon—thank heavens! I am a costume designer, illustrator, fine artist, fabric artist and art quilter currently building a body of work that reinvents the traditional yo-yo; taking it from a clichéd position as a basic quilting shape and transforming it into a sculptural, wearable work of art. My pieces incorporate contemporary and vintage fabrics, upcycled and found objects, antique buttons, embroidery, felted elements and more. They connect to the rich female tradition of quilting that began as functional and has now become a vehicle for individual artistic expression. Each of my pieces is lightweight, conforms to the body and is a stand-alone work of one-of-a-kind art that you can wear with anything.

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