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Miaszosz / MiaZzz

MiaZzz by Folt Bolt

I'm a landscape architect, wife and mother of three joyful kids.

Also a passionate designer-sewer-photographer-marketing assistant of my own. I live and work in Budapest, Hungary with my family, but we spend as many time as we can in a small and beautiful village, near the capital.

I have been creating my figures in Miaszösz/MiaZzz since 2013.

All my products are one of a kind, I only use my own design: it is always a real pleasure to see how my conception becomes reality.

I take my time when designing and assembling each and every figure.

My products are suitable for all ages: you can be sure, your little ones are always safe when playing with them.

I adore playing with beautiful colours and am passionate about experimenting with combining different textures and patterns. My creations are whimsical and unique, but are also amiable and dear friends to their little playmates. I would like these unique colours and figures to bring about new and exciting games among their little playmates.

Take your time to look around in my shop or at my page and make sure you get back soon!

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