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" Hello! My name is Iryna and I live in Lviv, Ukraine. I have founded my shop ‘EtenIren’ in 2010. However, at the very beginning it was just my hobby. I enjoyed making some jewellery items of polymer clay for me and my friends, but soon I started getting my first orders - my friends provided me a good word-of-mouth advertising :) Time went by and now I work in a cosy studio; my team has grown up to 4 people and we are gradually developing, looking for new design and materials. At first I made floral earrings, necklaces, pendants, etc., then moved to the wedding theme: hair tiaras, crowns and combs.

Some time ago I fell in love with succulents and cactuses that's why now I 'plant' them in every possible place, even created a collection of ring boxes, decorated with succulents :) However, I don't want to forget about wedding stream, that's why I also create pins, combs and tiaras, decorated with foam EVA butterflies.

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