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Atelier Busas

Atelier BUSAS by Folt Bolt

"My name is Elisa, and I live in Sardinia, Italy, an isle in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. I started knitting when I was 15. But only 2 years ago I started knitting as a job. As you may notice I focused my attention on the shawls. The reason is simple: the most important element of our traditional dress ( Sardinian folk dresses) is the shawl. It Is formed by huge triangular wool fabric with a decorative flower motif. Is too big and dramatic to be weared so I have created my personal, modern, wearable version. My shawls are made only with natural fiber as cachmere, merino wool, silk, alpaca and sometimes cotton. Some of them are made with an hand dyed wool. Every shawl is unique and I design a different motif for each one. All the yarns are ethic and green. I believe in a sustainable fashion." Find me here: Pinterest Facebook

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