• by Folt Bolt

Tina Benally

Tina Benally by Folt Bolt

"The limitations of your imagination are the boundaries of your world”


Passionate Artist!

(24 years old, from Germany)

I am a very creative person in many different ways.

Why only stay on one path when there are so many other pathways within the world of Art - exactly this is what makes Art so special: the diversity.

However, in a world that is so colourful and sometimes even loud, I tend to prefer the romantic and longing images…a calmness, that brings relaxation and new energy at the same time.

To find that time-out in a picture, that still leaves room for own dreams and thoughts.

Art is the only language that one can understand without understanding a single word.

I would be very happy if you want to visit my website, just in case I made you curious for more …

See you hopefully very soon,

Lots of Love from my World of Art, Tina Benally

Find me here:

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#paintings #floralpaintings #watercolor #germany

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