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Handy Happy Shop by Folt Bolt

Handy Happy Hearts shop was opened in June 2012 and became a full time project within less than 12 months. All the time after then it used to be a shop selling hearts only.

Now 4 years later it was renamed to Handy Happy Shop to widen product lines by adding more home decor and stuffed toys.

Now we are 2 sister crafters working full time in Handy Happy Shop creating things we love. Olena is a company founder, designer maker of most of stuffed toys, pattern creator and photographer. Tanya makes 99% of your heart orders now and also keeps our Pinterest page up to date.

Most of all we admire rustic and boho styles and also bits of primitive in toys so this is what you can find in Handy Happy Shop.

Saying more about them all our toys are made of high quality cotton fabrics made in EU and certified for kids pieces. We make our toys as safe as possible: we embroider eyes and noses instead of using beads, make our toys light weight and very well stitched.

Our salt dough hearts are unique product. They are sturdy and hardly can be broken and each heart is unique due to the variety of crackles on their surface. Also it takes about a week to make them but it is worth it.

Also we are a small family company we do accept large orders. We can make up to 500 hearts a week or even more depending on their size and material.

Our standard sets of hearts start from 2 and go up to 250 hearts in a set.

Handy Happy Shop is working in Europe but ships worldwide. You are welcome!

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