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Bonnie Clark - Dakini Dreams

Dakini Dreams by Folt Bolt

Soul Artifacts… weaving memories, hopes, and dreams into personal icons designed to enhance, energize, and inspire your inner life

Fiber art, especially weaving, has been my passion since I first sat down at a loom many, many years ago in art school. There’s something about the meditative process of weaving that speaks directly to my soul. I love the way fibers and beads play off of each other to form intricate designs that pull you in and tell you a story. I love unusual shapes and fluid contours that tease the eye, textures I can’t resist touching, and vibrant colors that remind me of my life, experiences, and travels… the embroideries of Rajasthan, the temples of Kathmandu, the markets of San Miguel de Allende, the architecture of Barcelona, the castles of Ireland, and closer to home… the sunsets of Santa Fe, autumn in the Rocky Mountains, the canyons of Utah, the ocean at Big Sur, fashion week in New York City.

Expanding on traditional tapestry weaving techniques, I work on a loom small enough to carry with me when I travel. Beads and other perforated components are incorporated into each Soul Artifact by stringing them directly onto the warp threads as I’m weaving and the weft threads are woven around the beads using a tapestry needle. I create with a wide range of rich fibers of varying textures and vibrant colors, many hand-dyed and sourced from local fiber artists.

Over the years, I’ve expanded my search for unusual beads and components – glass, metal, stone, ceramic, organic materials – whose shape, size, or color make them visually interesting. I often create one-of-a-kind elements in polymer clay, metal clay, or in the pottery studio to bring my artistic vision to life. These focal pieces range from whimsical to elegant, but in the Soul Artifacts, they’re always imbued with symbolism. I’ve always collected beads and my weavings are a place where I can showcase them, surrounding them in a fully-designed artwork.

While I continually experiment with new techniques and designs, my inspiration remains firmly rooted in the richness of the past. Ancient artifacts, tribal adornments, traditional textiles, beads, and amulets – these are what spark my creativity and drive my creative process. My Soul Artifacts expand on age-old cultural themes, incorporating traditional motifs, materials, and colors in exciting new ways. Each weaving evokes the art of a culture in which I’ve immersed myself and from which I emerge with inspiration for a new series of weavings. Rich in symbolism and meaning, my Soul Artifacts are true conversation pieces, each with a story to tell.

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