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Dharma Karma Arts

My name is Indira.

Appealing to mind, body and spirit, I make wall art, journals, decorative boxes, cut paper art, mixed media sari art, dioramas, shadow boxes and jewelry.

I grew up in New Delhi, India but US has been my home far longer.

My art and craft are deeply influenced by the spiritual traditions of my Indian heritage as well as other Asian and North American cultures. I use the colors, motifs and textures of my natal land quite a lot but the natural world also influence my work. My yoga art is centered around the elephant, most beloved of Indian animals. The materials I use for my journals are old, handwoven silk saris or jute rice bags. I love the color magenta, the ubiquitous color in all things Indian and peacock, both the bird and the color, elephants and monkeys. At the same time, I enjoy using elements from Western and other Asian cultures. I love creating art and crafts. I put a lot of my heart into what I make. I want those who buy my creations to feel the same joy that I feel creating them. But selling also has a purpose for me. What I earn from the shop, I donate to a charity called Sukriti Social Organization, founded by my sister who is physically handicapped. This organization provides help and support to handicapped children and adults. You can find all about it here.

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