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Amazing Journey Art

Amazing Journey Art by Folt Bolt

My name’s Aga, and I am a free spirit who treasures beauty in all forms.

That’s what drew me to a career as a self-taught artist (it’s also why I’m a random guitar player, rock collector, and journey-into-the-unknown enthusiast, among other things). I worked for many years as a scientist; first in cancer research and later exploring nature in search of new medicines. I loved my work. However, with the years things changed, and suddenly I was stuck in a same-old-routine corporate position. I started to miss the happy, beautiful freedom I remembered from my childhood and youth. So, in the summer 2014, I changed my life to follow a new dream. I began rediscovering my long-forgotten art skills. It was like waking up from a long sleep: the passion coming back, eyes opening again for the beauty of the surrounding world, imagination exploring new amazing worlds. Since then I have been continuously evolving as an artist, learning new techniques, discovering new opportunities… I create mainly in acrylics and watercolors, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature. I like trying other techniques and media, as well. As a former scientist, I love experimenting – my lab is my art space now. I also love to share my skills and knowledge with others. That´s one of the reasons I recently started teaching art and crafts online, on Skillshare.

It gives a lot of joy and satisfaction to see students learning from me and sharing their projects in the class gallery.

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