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Aleksandra M. Tanko

Aleksandra Tanko by Folt Bolt

Aleksandra M. Tańko - intuitive artist creating mystical and energetic paintings using internal resources such as high sensitivity, intuition and transcendental experiences.

For many years she has been interested in personal and spiritual development, esotericism and psychotronics, continuously working with energy and intuition.

She has been delivering training courses and workshops in the area of personal development and coaching, supporting others on their way to self-improvement.

Paintings influence the space and the people nearby by emanating the energy used during their creation – the personal vibration of the author, the intention, the colour and shape.

Conscious and skillful use of this relation helps to create mandalas and intuitive paintings that vibrate pure, high-frequency energy, bring harmony into people’s lives and spaces) and provide energetic support where needed.

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