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Serena Luna Raggi

Serena Luna Raggi by Folt Bolt

Serena Luna Raggi is an Italian artist working in mixed media: oil pastels, acrylic, Indian ink, crayon, as well as collages using fabric and ceramic tiling (with organic elements or with photos reproducing the materials).

All photographic images, along with the rest of the techniques used, are the result of the artist’s research performed during her travels. Among other materials, a key role is played by parts of personal objects – clothes, jewels, carpets and ceramic tiles belonging to Serena Luna Raggi – as part of a poetic act that adds physical and personal elements to the works.

Serena’s research coincides with the search for Beauty. A type of beauty which is not just intended as commonly conceived in the west, instead aiming towards the beauty of imperfection, of the details and colours of contemporary crossbreeding, starting with the collective iconographic ideals of those cultures which are too often labelled as “inferior” and which, to Serena, are overflowing with creativity. Her works have a strong social perspective, containing traditions, stories and figures from the Roma Population, India, Iran, Romania and Bulgaria. Her inspiration originates from the people she encounters, mainly women, and from stories she is told during her travels.

Serena’s fascination towards Eastern Cultures began at an early age, emerging suddenly and almost without rational explanation. Growing up, Serena’s friends would increasingly come from different countries, a factor which increased her curiosity. Her travels would later become an essential part of her artistic research, discovering a common thread that connects her to many different cultures, from Eastern Europe to the Near East, all somehow related to the Ottoman Empire. "I study the female condition trying to understand something new, also about myself… I believe there is an obvious similarity between myself and my works, as is inevitable! I attempt to convey my emotions, and the stories I want to tell, through archetypes and symbols which all relate to femininity. I like to study and delve deeper into anything related to the Mother Goddess archetype, and female gods in general, especially those of Hinduism. It’s all an extremely profound world which still needs to be fully comprehended”, observes Serena Luna Raggi. She then adds: “Colour, of which I write with the utmost importance, is to me what keeps us alive and always keeps our senses alert. Colour should not be connected, as is often done superficially, to happiness. In my works, the liveliest colours correspond to melancholy, almost sad figures. To me, being colourful doesn’t mean to take the world lightly and in a carefree manner. Instead, colour is an investigation into Beauty, Harmony, Balance. Attempting to see “in colour” means to examine emotions."

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