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I am EleyOr (Ori) Snir a self-taught Felt Artist, illustrator and designer.

I'm originally from Israel,now living in beautiful NelsonB.C.

Growing up in a kibbutz in Israel, I spent most of my time dreaming, drawing and constantly creating. I grew up in a family with eight siblings and my mother is a well-known children's poet. By the the time I was 20, my illustrations were already published in children’s books and were recognized and awarded around the world.

After I became a mother,I’ve changed my artistic focus and turned into children's apparel design and developed my own brand called “Petel”.

“Petel”made children clothes with patterns and soft natural fabrics that respected and celebrated childhood. Later I became a wedding designer for a couple of years and made artistic weddings in nature.

Two years ago, after being diagnosed with an illness that shaked my soul,I felt that in order to be well, I must pursue my own art and bring it into my everyday life. I was always drawn to natural felt material and after making some toys for my kids and embroidering little felt pieces, I thought it might be a good medium to try and create my own art with.

When I finished my first felt design, finally knew I have found my home… In my felt artwork, I combine all my life and profession experience, all my arts kills and passion to works of great details and colors.

Slowly and patiently I work, gradually adding more pieces, combining and embroidering all the pieces together. Gradually the art manifest to my eyes and soul. It’s like magic. Things usually change or evolve between my thoughts and the final product, but in a way, it’s away for me to accept the gap between the head and soul. To learn from the process and be acceptable to new things and deeper levels.

I hope to touch your heart with my art.

Wishing you great love.


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