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Reka Somogyi

Reka Somogyi by Folt Bolt

Reka Somogyi is a Hungarian painter, who lives and works close to Budapest. She has been painting for 18 years now – with short breaks - almost every day. She has about 500-600 paintings in the size of 85*85 cm. Her paintings are impressions of a journey which starts at point A and finishes at point A. But during this long journey one believes in travelling to different worlds and universes, living several lives and dying several deaths..But in reality nothing ever happened to anybody. On the surface of the paintings the spectator sees visionary ways, can participate in such stories which happen to all of us almost every day..(love, death, shopping, car driving, doing household jobs ..) But before loosing herself in these stories she sentences a question directly to herself, and analyses the person who is the main character of these stories.

With every painting she makes an attempt to raise the most important question in life: Who am I really? ? A question, which can't be answered on the level of the mind, but which points in the direction of the answer. And during this journey she doesn't want to get frozen , because life is often a very cold place. That is why she decided - well, she didn't have another choice -, that she paints about the way on which she is walking now. With all her paintings she tries to keep the fire alive in order not be cold ever again. She started a new project called “wearable art”. She got the photos of her paintings printed on elastic textiles and with the help of designers she created “somogyireka-clothes”. Her latest creations , together with the Hungarian fashion designer Szilas Rita (szilasrita.hu), are the paper dolls clothes.

They can be ordered from Réka. Find her here: website facebook

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