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Grateful to God who has blessed me with many gifts!

My name is Magdalena, but you can call me Lena. I'm 29 years old and self-taught artist. I live in a small town in Serbia called Šid, near the border between Serbia and Croatia. I finished Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.
I love the activity and everything that moves. Always in search for a new adventures and making jewelry is the only thing that calms me down and keep in one place. Currently I work as the coordinator for the Humanitarian organization Caritas at the border between Serbia and Croatian on project Refugees and migrants crisis.
I am also the artist behind the unique jewelry “Stories Made by Hands” that is hand-made from polymer clay. Each piece of my jewelry is the result of creation of hours or even days. Each stems, leaf, petal, flower and dot is hand made from polymer clay without molds and placed on a background, one by one with tiny needle. Polymer clay bases of jewelry are also hand-shaped. I mixing colors until I get the color and tone that I really want, and than I shaping and decorating each and every piece. I work with a very thin needle, applying every detail.
Some details on my jewelry are often less than a millimeter. I make jewelry with a lot of patience and love, not paying attention to the time that is passing me by.
The biggest inspiration for my jewelry is in the nature and beautiful colors that nature gives us. When I start to do a certain piece of jewelry it's all in my heart.
I actually never know how it will look like in the end. It all begins with the first petal and then the story continues by itself.
When I making my jewelry I often think how it will go somewhere in the world that I've never been. I often think of someone's mother, daughter, grandmother, friend or dear ones in whose hands will come this jewelry. I imagine their faces that life is written by happiness, joy, sadness, love and all the other wonderful feelings that life brings to us, in order to feel alive.
Every person in the world is unique and unrepeatable, just like my jewelry.
Each has its own story.

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