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I'm Klara and I live in Europe, in a small Eastern European country called Bulgaria. I have been a full time artist my whole life. I studied at an applied arts high-school, then received a bachelor degree in textile design, and I have a Masters degree in textile arts as well.

All my scarves are one of a kind, in fact I often have requests for custom made ones, based on other scarves I have previously sold, and even then I can’t replicate my own work entirely. This makes my scarves truly unique because they are painted hand and the color palette is custom mixed every time. Besides I delight in the challenge of giving each item its own distinct style, and therefore I am constantly striving to incorporate new decorative elements, to bring variety, to change up the compositions and try different methods.

I believe a scarf is a painting, a work of art that a woman can seamlessly combine with her own style to highlight her beauty and individuality.

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