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Hello! My name is Mariia Kamenska. I'm from Ukraine but now I live in Poland.

As long as I can remember I've been in love with creative and handmade work.

I loved drawing and painting and I was crazy on sewing for my Barbie dolls.

I sewed them everything from the all kinds of dresses to the underwear and swimming suits. I dreamt to be a designer or a painter. I've been studying in art school for couple of years in my childhood. The first big passion in my adult life was polymer clay. It came into my life in 2008 and since that I've tried all the methods, techniques and styles in work with it. I created a lot of different jewelry, miniatures and even mosaic vases. I loved to create with polymer clay greatly.

I could spend days and nights making some new beads, necklaces or earrings. Then additionally to polymer clay knitting came to me.

I prefer to knit toys and funny characters. One of knitted toys – violet ship – became my travel-pal. We visited a lot of lovely places together. I also knitted her friends and then I decided to use them as funny characters for my photos and short stories to them. May be one day I will write a book or something like that describing the life of three good friends – knitted ships, their adventures, friendship, dreams, fears, feelings and so on.

Then I felt in love with beads.

I created about 10 different sets embroidered with colorful beads – necklace and earrings, stylish and fashionable. It was really something new for me.

The first set I made was 50 shades of grey. The work took so much time but the result was amazing. Then I decided to make colorful sets according to rainbow shades. So the red, yellow, green, blue and other sets appeared.

That was absolutely great time. I worked hard but the results were so worst it. Later I made sets in champagne and whisky shades, pretty and great.

After beads I found another big passion – felt. I created so many different things from felt. I like sewing bags and clutches from it. The only problem is that I can do it only by hands because my sewing machine can't do it.

For the last Christmas holidays I made many Christmas ornaments from felt – basically there were princesses, retro style girls and other pretty ladies. Now my biggest and almost the only love is watercolor. During all my life despite all other passions painting was my great dream and real love.Now I try to paint every day at least a little bit. I don't know what will be the next but I'm sure I will definitely do something beautiful and nice.

I also believe that one day all my attempts and efforts will bring me not only joy and excitetement but profit and may be even fame.

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