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Hood River, Oregon (USA) Artist Robin Panzer uses her own unique style of a Japanese art form called Chigiri-e. A technique that uses small hand torn pieces of Thai and Japanese paper to create beautiful images. Robin creates her animal and landscape art completely from torn paper without the use of paint.

Observers can’t help but notice Robin’s deep spiritual connection to her animal creations. She is known for eyes that are so realistic they capture the souls of the subjects she has brought to life in her art.

Robin: “My Clients are often amazed by the incredible texture that the handmade papers impart to their portraits giving the appearance and texture of lifelike fur and feathers. I love the personal connection of sharing my art with people and lucky me, more often than not my clients turn into dear friends after we embark on this creative journey together.”

In keeping with her great passion for animal rescue (3 rescue dogs of her own) she donates $1 for every new fan “like” to her facebook page.

Find her here: website






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