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Hi, I’m Dee - I’m an artist and designer with a passion for colour, birds, flowers and brush lettered words. I’m an Aussie, but right now I live in a jungle on the remote, developing island of Sumbawa, Indonesia. I followed my man and his mining career here a couple of years ago, and as a solution to my current (extremely) isolated geographical situation I created PRINTSPIRING - an instant print shop selling my work as instant download, printable wall art.

I grew up in rural Queensland, Australia surrounded by birds, flowers and gumtrees. I’ve always loved being outdoors, and I have a deeply rooted love and appreciation for nature. My work is a tangible expression of the things that stir my soul in the natural world, and through it I aim to spread joy and happiness.

You can find out more about me here

I sell instant download, printable wall art and greeting cards here

I have just started making my work available as prints, canvases, totes etc on Society6 and Redbubble as well, for those who prefer to let someone else take care of the printing!

Find me here:

Website & Blog

Etsy Shop




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