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Hello my name is Paula Brown. I am an emerging British Artist, currently living and creating in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, (although, as a bit of a wandering spirit, I always have one eye on my next global destination. Wherever, it may turn out to be!) Painting is my true passion, joy & a source of great happiness, which I like to think radiates out from my works. I aim to infuse my art with fabulous strokes of colour, positive vibrations and love, making it fun, upbeat and fine!

I have had many roles in my life, such as being a Wife and Mother to my three sons - (now teenagers). I left school with an A in Art and Design, amongst other subjects. However, I did not immediately go down this route. I worked and studied different subjects, as well as drawing and painting. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Open) Degree and Diplomas in the areas of Law, Social Sciences, Criminology, Social Policy and many qualifications regarding the Craft of Creative Writing, from the University of Lancaster and the Open University. I love to write, almost as much as painting. In short I just love to create beautiful things. I also hope to begin studying for my MA in Fine Art later this year.

However, since moving to Abu Dhabi in 2014 I have immersed myself in to painting. I have been involved in exhibitions here in the city.

Most recently my work was shown in a group exhibition at the Space Gallery and at the National Theatre, as part of the National Day Group Exhibition.

My work tends to be abstract or semi-abstract. It is often infused with a sense of wonder and an atmosphere of awe of the natural world and all its creatures and beauty. I am an advocate of taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and of dreaming and of all things positive, expressed through colour therapy! My paintings can be healing, whimsical and fun. At times I can feel compelled to paint an ocean scene and the next day a rainbow hued Nubian Ibex or a cat, sneaking cakes from a table filled with flowers. I find inspiration and ideas from a variety of sources, from my travels and the capturing of emotional energy and concepts. I travel a lot between my current home city of Abu Dhabi, the UK and other random places, (such as my recent trip to Sri Lanka, to paint the elephants and amazing wild life.) This diversity within my habitats means that one week, I may focus upon the Camels and Sand dunes of the UAE and the next week, the sheep and rugged landscapes of the UK. There is always something different to marvel at, always something fresh to capture upon the canvas in my own bold way. Although, abstract flowers and landscapes have to be my favourite themes! Always I seek to produce quality work and to make unique, eye catching, individualistic and often quirky pieces of art to spread a burst of light hearted brightness.

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