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Garden Gallery by Folt Bolt

Hello, I am Frances Daunt, the face behind Garden Gallery.

I am an animal artist (a member of The Association of Animal Artists) and I specialize in felted artwork. As well as felting I also paint and work in pastels and I offer pet portraits both felted or the more conventional painted/pastel type.

I love the challenge of creating a portrait of a much loved pet – I usually work from two or three photos to help ensure that I really capture the pet's personality.

The majority of my custom comes via my Facebook page and as a lot of my work goes overseas I no longer frame my work unless specifically requested or required for an exhibition. I love creating pictures of animals and feel very lucky that I can spend my days so happily.

My felted pictures are created using a combination of wet felting and needle felting. As I am self taught my technique is continually changing – I love trying out new ideas, both for my felted and my painted work.

I live in Derbyshire in the middle of England. I am married with four children, two dogs, five chickens and a very greedy guinea pig.

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