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Present Perfect Creations by Folt Bolt

My name is Svetlana Faulkner. I am a Russian-born UK based flower artist.

Since 2011 I have been designing and making my line of flower accessories under PresentPerfect Creations Studio brand.

The flowers are created using a wide range of materials from silks to leather and suede. Each flower is made by me completely from scratch and usually takes between 5 and 10 hours depending on the complexity of the design.

Some elaborate flower pieces can take days to design and create. I draw my inspiration from the best of garden design that Britain is so famous for.

My flower pieces are strikingly realistic be it a fabric or leather rose.

At the same time I love experimenting and using unconventional materials such as denim and tweed to create themed fantasy pieces.

Not limited to brooches and hair clips I am now learning the art of making hats to be decorated with my flowers.

Wanting to share my knowledge and experience I also teach the art of flower making to those who are interested in it whether it be milliners, handbag designers or general crafters. You are welcome to attend my workshops in person or learn through my video and photo tutorials available on my website.

PresentPerfect Creations release several seasonal themed collections every year.

Each piece is made unique and in most cases can not be recreated.

You can find more about me and PresentPerfect Creations online:


Etsy shop



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