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Simply Aisha by Folt Bolt

My name is Aisha Khan. I live and work in Karachi, Pakistan. Having lived most of my life here, I take inspiration from the prevalent truck art that we see on our heavy vehicles.

I wish to spread good cheer with the help of my colorful designs and vibrant patterns.

My brand is called ‘Simply Aisha’ and my brand philosophy of is “JOY”. I sell home accessories that are sure to catch your eye and make your environment happy!

In the pure design sense I draw inspiration from fauna and flora, and I lean towards a bohemian outlook mixed with a modern and western feel.

I have lived in Houston and Austin for 9 years also and it is there where I got my art degree from the Art Institute of Houston. In USA I fell in love with surface pattern design- but I didn’t know it was an industry back then. Over the years I have forayed into children’s furniture, soft furnishings for home and ceramics. I am looking for retail and wholesale partners as well as design collaborators with whom I can take my brand forward.

I owe a lot to a class I took in 2013 with Lilla Rogers which was instrumental in bringing me full force into the world of surface pattern design and home products!

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