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Ludovic Huet

Ludovic Huet by Folt Bolt

I was born in the Loiret, in France.

My training as a painter and a poet was carried out on the banks of the Loire, in the woods and the flatlands that surround it… but more prosaically in the school of applied arts!

My paintings illustrate an intimate and personal mysticism. With themes strongly evocative and recurring: Love, Nature, Humanity, Arts…

Poetry and music are an integral part of my work and also the inspiration that leads to it. This ensues a protean production: mainly painting, but also etching, drawing, publishing, poetry and even less common art like retable… and who knows what’s to come. The artistic medium imposes itself in accordance with the moment and the subject.

I do give a great importance to the hand-craft part of art. I like to work following the ancient, lengthy rites that can be at times tedious. I see my work rising with the time the same way the bread dough does. The multiplied small gestures of the craftsman, the time taken and above all the love (love of materials, skills and tools) make up the plenitude of my artistic gesture. Even tough if this is difficult. As it can not be any other way in a world where we are left with less and less time.

Time to create, time to think, time to be.

I sell my paintings, books and other creations in diverse places on the web or in the “real” world… the list is enumerated below, and you’ll also find my facebook page and my blog through which you can easily contact me if you want more information or simply to exchange a few words.

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