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Marion Smith by Folt Bolt

"I have always loved to draw, concentrating on graphic design at A-level.

I studied Art at Dartford College of Education, specialising in pottery and design as part of my Teacher Training. I moved to Rochester in 1974. Since qualifying I obtained a post-graduate diploma and taught for 8 years as a Teacher of Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties at the Medway Dyslexia Centre. Following early retirement I resumed my early passion.

I am inspired by the infinite variety of pattern and shade within ancient walls and the random designs of colour within nature to create abstract work using the subtlety and power of watercolour with pen and ink, as well as more traditional drawings.

From my monochrome passion for intricate detail my abstract work is an exploration of colour and how juxtapositions appear to create new shades and infinite moods."

I have exhibited in various places including the Medway hospital as part of the Healing Arts Programme. I have had five solo exhibitions at the NAC Chatham, a solo exhibition at the Ripley Arts Centre Bromley and in the Cloisters Barristers Chambers in the Temple, London.

My work can also be viewed at the Nucleus gallery shop.

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