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Sarah J. Vaci

Sarah J Vaci by Folt Bolt

I am a UK based fibre artist and first discovered felting on a trip to Hungary, where my family originate from and which has a thriving felting community.

I mainly create 2D needle-felted wool fine art inspired by nature and love capturing the natural world through the rich colours and textures of different wool.

Most of my work centres around pet portraits, landscapes and wildlife as well as more recently pictures of people. My background is in art films and animations and has inspired me to even animate some of my 2D wool artworks which is an area I am very keen to develop. I have begun experimenting more with local British wool and have exciting plans to branch out into illustrating books with my wool artwork.

Find me here:






Instagram @sarahvacifibrearts

#feltart #petportraits #unitedkingdom #rainbow

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