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Lakshmi Mala Jewelry

Lakshmi Mala Jewelry by Folt Bolt

I am Margot, visual artist, jewelry designer. I love my work.

I am in love with nature and light. They are the source of my inspiration.

I create gemstone's Mala for Yoga practice, meditation, and energetic healing.

Each Mala is made by hand with care, attention and love … so you can connect to your true self. Each of my Mala is unique.

The Mala is the Buddhist rosary. The word mala in Sanskrit means "flower necklace" or "string of pearls". The mala is an attribute of the deities. The simple fact that you are wearing a Mala on you will bring you spiritual virtues.

My positive energy and light from the south radiate within each of the Mala I create. Whether you practice meditation or not does not matter. The Mala guides you to open your spiritual conscience.

The Malas can be used alone or as part of a visualization practice to create a communication between the "Divine" and yourself. It can be designed to bring luck, love, protection and abundance. Each bead may represent a mantra, an intention, a positive affirmation. The gemstones of the mala can contribute to love, emotional healing, stress relief, well-being, prosperity ...

All my Malas' beads are made of natural gemstones and are hand knotted between each bead, with natural silk thread and sometimes polyester thread to add more colors. Each Mala requires 3 hours of work ... From design, choice of gemstones, crystal beads, silk color, tassel creation, purification and programming.

My Malas are impregnated with positive energy and will radiate so you can become close to your true self.

May the beautiful energy of life be always with you !

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