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Sista's Art by Folt Bolt

My name's Eleonora, but on the canvas I love to sign as "Sista" because this is the way I consider myself in relation to others .

I am an Italian self-taught artist, I am mother of three beautiful children on earth, two angels in heaven and a little squish whose heart is stilll beating within me... I wasn't born as an artist, although, studying foreign languages and literatures, I've always been somehow attracted by art and by the way words could paint within us new realities and emotions. I've spent years admiring all those who were able to paint, and repeating myself I'd never have managed to. But some years ago something changed: a voice within me told me "if you don't try, you'll never learn". And so in 2010 I bought my first canvas and acrilic colours and brushes... and I started doing what I could... but it was only one year later, after my first child loss, when I felt words weren't enough anymore to convey what I felt within, that I was able to paint something I am still so proud of: the painting I probably love the most: "In my heart foreverandever".

As E. Hopper said: "If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint."

That was the moment I started understanding that art meant something more than simply painting... I began finding out that what appeared on the canvas was exactly what I was feeling while painting. Painting helped me so much during my healing process.

Through my heArt I honour my Holy Circle of Love... and many other Circles of Love, since the moment I was asked to paint for others. My paintings always come to the light inspired from my story or from the stories I am told and usually are a celebration of family, pregnancy, natural parenting, babywearing, breastfeeding, cosleeping and connection... not only tangible and physical connection but also spiritual, considering that also baby loss is a theme i often dedicate myself to.... in lovely memory of my two angels living into the light and into my heart. These is at the moment what i love to paint... probably because in the end, every artist cannot paint anything but what he/she is. .

I love to paint my characters with closed eyes. I have learnt that we often can see so much more with closed eyes when we are not distracted by the external surface of life and are connected with our centre, with our heart.

I love to look at me and my family on the canvas, all deeply connected towards our "centre"... and I love to allow others to enjoy something i consider really precious.

I know I still lack of technique, but I think that when you put Love in what you do, the results can be great anyway, in spite of technical imperfections... Art means for me meditation, prayer, communication and most of all sharing. Reaching other mom's hearts (and sometimes even dad's) is the greatest gift for me.

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