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Marta Madison, Sydney Australian felter

Marta Madison opened her studio, Silksation Silk Scarves in 2014, in St Leonards NSW, Australia. Within this very creative environment, she has gone from strength to strength with her felting creations, silk painting and fashion illustration. Joining an art collective means she now has a ‘tribe’ and no longer works in isolation. It also helps that her studio is directly across the street from the apartment she shares with her husband!

Talking with her about her expanding art practice, Marta credits the internet for opening up the many opportunities that were once out of her reach when she was growing up:

“The advent of social media means I connect with artists from all over the world, as well as art lovers, and I gain insights, advice and help from my esteemed peers”.

The world is a village and Marta’s a happy citizen!

Discovering felt

Marta watched a program on TV in 2013, where a woman was making a felted flower. “I was hooked!” says Marta. “I ran out, literally the next day, and bought some wool, some ribbons and that very night, I felted my first scarf which I still wear. “There was something in the alchemy of the wool, combining colours and shrinking together to form this wonderful wearable art that convinced me that this was the direction my life would take.”

Determined to get all her wool and bubble-wrap off her dining table, Marta heard about a small studio available across the street, and she jumped at the chance to rent it. Now she can focus more on her scarf journey, in fact, she’s never looked back. She currently has about 12 finished pieces made of 100% local sourced merino wool, and is experimenting with Italian high-grade wool for its interesting finish. Marta is largely self-taught in most areas of her art practise, although her esteemed tutors such as Gil Brooks and Anita Larkin have given her the encouragement and inspiration to delve more deeply into the fascinating world of wool. She is interested in tutelage from her idol Katia Mokeyeva and will attend her workshop at the Koala Convention in June 2016 in Brisbane.

Marta is active in Felting Associations in NSW and will be co-chairing a new fellowship in 2016.

“I love the camaraderie and sharing nature of felters”, Marta says. “We are a unique, slightly obsessed gang of woolly (mostly) women, who crave the feel of felted shawls, bowls, jewellery and baby booties (yes, I make those too!).”

What I love about wool art

“What’s NOT to love?!” Marta exclaims with a grin. “Wool is warm, old as time, functional, fashionable, flexible, and fun! I love to see what the Europeans are doing, some amazing stuff. And the New Zealand wool competition just blows my mind. I wish I had more time to discover all there is to know, but I am sure I will never get to the bottom of my obsession.”


Marta is inspired by the vibrant colour combinations that roving comes in, and has endless ideas incorporating feathers, buttons, and textiles, silk and gold thread. “I look at a painting or landscape and visualise a scarf design, or I revisit my drawers in the studio, pulling out all my bits and bobs and think: ‘what if I put that flowered ribbon on the edge of a scarf, or cut up that fabric to place into the wool?’”

Not only felting has captured her heart, but she has enlarged her silk painting skills to include flowers, geometrics and incorporates these painted scarves into her felted works.

The future

Marta will be running a course mid-year to teach students how to make a paj silk and wool scarf (see the blue and sea green scarf) which will coincide with her first exhibition in Willoughby NSW at the Chambers Foyer space in August. Taking four months off to actually sit in her studio full time, Marta will be working on the theme ‘cream’----she’s got lots of silk strands, cream felt and cream silk georgette that promises to become a beautiful wrap when it’s done. Attending courses will be a top priority and working on her exhibition layout for August means Marta will be a busy lady in 2016. She has published a book of her felted creations: “Felted Wonders” which can be purchased for $40.00 Australian, with $10.00 worldwide postage, free in Australia. Please email her at mmadison@gmx.com with your address and deposit into her paypal for delivery within two weeks.

Illustration and bridal portraits

Not content with felting, Marta also has a keen eye for fashion and is a fashion illustrator (visit http:www.martamadison.wix.com/fashionillustrator). She loves to draw all sorts of ladies, and has started a portrait business specifically for brides: Drawn2Fashion. Marta will work from your favourite photo to create a unique and cherished painting of you in your dress or the dress alone. Finished size is 16”x11” wide, done as a watercolour portrait, $AU150.00. Suitable for framing, on acid-free fine art paper, delivered worldwide for $10.00 (free in Australia).

Gift Certificates also available. Visit http://www.easyweddings.com.au/WeddingServices/Sydney

Or drop me an email. I love to chat with brides and other felters.

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Marta Madison

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