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Kory Dollar - Marvelous Mosaic

Kory Dollar-Marvelous Mosaic by Folt Bolt

Kory Dollar is a stained glass mosaic artist from the Pacific Northwest.

She has been creating colorful mosaics for 17 years and is a self-taught. Specializing in Glass on Glass (GOG) Mosaic Art. The majority of Kory's art is created on up-cycled vintage windows. The windows can hang outside in a covered porch as a sun-catcher, in a window a to create a privacy screen, or back-lit to create illuminated art.

She strives to keep items out of the land fill by recycling stained glass, antique bottles, old headlights and taillights, or just about any piece she can find beauty in.

All of the works of art she creates are one-of-a-kind and assembled one piece at a time. Kory, uses a broad range of materials, shaping them to fit like puzzle pieces, combining texture, reflectivity, and spacing, all while thinking of the negative space to achieve her vision. She is intrigued by nature, mandalas, and the human body.

Her inspiration comes from her surroundings; “I watch nature and people, studying movement, expression, tone, and light. I allow my imagination free reign, creating vivid themes and dramatic expressions for others to interpret." Kory teaches mosaic classes all around the Pacific Northwest; she also has offers open studio and private lessons. She works with preschool aged children to disabled adults. Her mission is to teach peolpe how to use art as therapy.

There is something soothing about breaking glass and turning bits and pieces into beautiful vibrant art.

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