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Naho Katayama

Naho Katayama by Folt Bolt

I was born in Nagasaki, lives and works in Fukuoka, Japan.

I've been good with my hands and loved anything creative since childhood.

Whenever I had a free moment, I'd spent my time in creating something.

However, when I grew up, my life was nothing to relate with art until I had

a chance to draw a picture in an art therapy class in 2008. That sparked

my interest in art again.

I am a self-taught artist, I started cutting paper in 2011. First couple of years,

I made a few pieces in a year as a hobby. I've been cutting paper professionally

since 2014.I use a sharp craft knife, wood glue and sturdy textured paper

( 233gsm fine watercolor paper ).

First, I draw a design by freehand, then I break up a single design into multiple

patterns in my head before beginning the pieces cutting process. I developed

and original technique of creating dimension via multiple layers of paper. My

designs are quite small and most of my pieces are hand sized.

As a color psychotherapist, I had offered counseling service to many clients.

Through my work I had learned how important it is to free yourself from all the

information and value judgements and have some quiet time alone with your

feelings. When you are focused upon something that draws your attention, you

have put your daily life out of your mind and have some quiet time.

My creative motivation arises the belief that art speaks to your deeper

consciousness and draws you in. To provide the opportunity to reflect for the

viewers, I've kept creating intricate three-dimensional pieces. I continue to develop

my cutting skills and strive to create more delicate and intricate pieces to draw in

the viewers.

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