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Christine Hingston

Christine Hingston by Folt Bolt

I graduated with a diploma in fine art from Claremont Fine Art Collage, Western Australia in 1973 and being creative in some medium has always been important.

I am lucky to live my life in two such inspiring places.

For the last sixteen years I have worked from my studio in the Perth hills, and extended time at my studio in Ubud.

And now I spend more time in Ubud and those soft green rice fields, magical birds, butterflies and flowers are the view from my window.

My landscape paintings are as varied as the landscape of Western Australia.

The red soil and Boab trees of the north, salt bush plains and breakaway country of the goldfields and the vivid blue of the beach in summer are a rich inspiration.

I enjoy the challenge of portrait painting and have twice been a finalist in the Black Swan Portrait Price.

Recently I have been working on a series of paintings featuring dogs and love the fun of capturing their madness and character.

The techniques and mediums I use include applying oil and acrylic paint with brush and pallet knife, drawing with pastel on black paper, drawing with charcoal, using rust paint and gold leaf, collage and applying paint through stencils.

In 2014 and 2015 I ran four, 10 day art retreats in Ubud.

Students from many places met, made friends and worked hard to learn and practice new techniques.

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