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Ann McCann by Folt Bolt

I have been painting for almost 20 years.

I started lessons after seeing how much fun my six year daughter was having with her painting course. Much of this has been plein air work in Texas, Cape Cod and Europe.

I have been on painting trips to Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome and Tuscany) and France (Paris, Giverny and Provence). I have painted in Monet’s water lily garden and in the lavender and sunflower fields of Van Gogh’s Provence. It smelled heavenly!

Having the opportunity to see the art of the impressionists up close and to see where they painted them has greatly enhanced my own work.

Color is my thing. I want people to look at my paintings and say, "O, what gorgeous color!" Collectors tell me that I “always seem to choose the right colors.”

They also tell me that my paintings are “happy.” I paint the flowers and landscapes that make me feel good and that gets conveyed to the canvas. I also like a thick paint surface with lots of texture, so I am mostly palette knife painting these days. It is just as much about sculpture as painting!

I am a member of the Artists of Texas and the Palette Knife Painters.

Membership in these groups is only by invitation.

My art work can be seen at:

Antique Row in Dallas

Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas

Website Email

Art Facebook

Palette Knife Painters


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