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My name is Louise Worthy, I am an artist and printmaker based in the Scottish Highlands, my background is in fashion and textiles so I love working to create pattern and texture.

When I moved to the Scottish Highlands in 2005 I had the chance to be more hands-on creative and re-kindle my love of printmaking that had been simmering on the back burner since the early days of college.

For a number of years I used a converted ACME mangle for producing my prints but then in 2012 I treated myself to a proper traditional etching press which is fabulous and much easier to use.

The majority of my printmaking is monotype/monoprint and drypoint engraving but I also do relief printing, lino, woodcut and collagraph and I love dabbling in mixed media as well.

I love the process of creating prints using different methods especially monotypes, where part of the fun is not knowing what the end result will be until the last minute. It can take hours of manipulating ink on the printing plate before they go through the press. I love experimenting and each finished piece is unique.

I am inspired by my natural surroundings from the wonderful wildlife to the amazing skies, moors and mountains, stunning empty beaches with turquoise blue waters, the peacefulness of the wonderful ancient forests and their beautiful vibrant ferns and mosses and most of all the amazing clear night skies and auroras and beautiful moons that you feel you can reach out and touch.

I exhibit with several galleries from the Scottish Highlands down to Aberdeen and Edinburgh and as far south as Dorset on the south coast.

My work has been sold to private collectors worldwide including Australia and Canada.

3 years ago I started running printmaking workshops which have proved very successful, there is nothing better than seeing students delighted and inspired by their creations, it is a wonderful feeling!

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