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'My name is Tanja Zivanovic and I come from Vukovar(Croatia). Creativity I inherited from my grandmother and mother. Mom taught me to do macrame even as a little girl of 9 years, but then in the following years my love was sports. I worked on the basketball very successful and today I am a mother of a professional volleyball player, the last 10 years except that with all my heart rooting for a team in which my son plays,I spend time in the creation of unique and unique items . Macrame , felting ( Carnival wool ) , painting , crocheting, all techniques that I prefer . As I said before about 10 years ago by accident I came up with the idea to make the bag with macrame technique for myself, and so went up today I made them over be 150.If you are reading this I hope that you enjoy my little "brand" that I'm sure deserves to be put to a higher level of business.

What makes my story interesting is that my bags , I can safely say is unique in the world.Sometimes it is very hard to tie several thousand nodes on a bag but I look forward to each new product because I am sure that the bags are beautiful and functional product that will make happy many of the ladies,and at the same time give them the opportunity to combine and the bag with details such as scarves , chains , brooches and other details that will refresh the bag and fit into a specific style . Welcome to my world!'

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