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Ebru Kapsal by Folt Bolt

Ebru is a yoga teacher and macramé artist, who's in love with life, family and friends, nature, animals, yoga, travel, cooking, art, photography, music, colors and more - the inspiring things in life and stuff that matters. When she’s not traveling, studying, teaching and living yoga in India, she lives with her two rescue cats in a small town on the Turkish Aegean coast away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where she teaches yoga, meditation and pranayama classes.

Ebru leads handcrafting workshops to share her passion for macramé with others “one knot at a time” and to inspire them to create their own unique pieces.

Her artwork has been published several times in Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine, which features handmade, one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry projects with detailed, easy-to-follow DIY instructions.

“What I like best about making jewelry is that it opens up infinite space for me to be creative. It is very meditative too. I often say that macramé is meditation one knot at a time. And on a more visual level, each time I create a new piece I’m amazed by how a couple of threads end up being a piece of art. It’s beautiful!"

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