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Manitas by Folt Bolt

Manitas is an Slovenian brand, launched in March 2004, that embodies Love and Joy, Freedom and Uniqueness of one’s individuality, an endless passion for Life and sensibility of it's designer Kaja Gasparini. The style of brand is known for vivid colors, ethno spirit and unique hand painted details on each hand made leather item, which includes shoes, hand bags, purses and other accessories.

As once somebody during admiring Manitas colorful designs said:

“It’s ART and you can wear it!”

The playful world of Manitas is abundant with beautiful items, where time would pause and where air breathes Mystery. The brand lives and grows with it’s designer Kaja, who infuses, creates and reflects the boiling energy of Life and her experiences into artwork created by skillful hands and nimble fingers.

Manitas brings our inner Child's curiosity back to Life, each colour overflows the emotions and forms are singing. It’s a world, where life is True and Sincere, where everybody can find their own Secret spot. A world of Imagination coming back to Life and our Hearts wide open, where Beauty is enjoyed and where everything is different.

Kaja lets her ideas and visions dance free. Her insatiable passion for the Beauty of this world and it’s creations and adventurous Spirit drive her towards constant experimentation and exploration of always new layers of her artistic soul.

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