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Maggie Miller  by Folt Bolt

I am a Painter and soap maker and the owner of Maggie G Miller Enterprises, llc.

I believe that it is by no accident, only divine intervention that I delight in the process of creating.

I have always been a creative soul from the beginning. As a child I spent hours with my many coloring books, crayons, and colored pencils. My favorite memory is of coloring in those books with my mom. My creativity was sparked when I received a clay casting kit one Christmas, followed by a candy making machine and my beloved organ.

From crayons to music I began nourishing my creative tendencies that would one day flourish into much more.

I love God deeply and I strive every day to stay connected to him through reading his word, and staying in constant gratitude and thankfulness to him for all he provides for me and my family. I desire to honor and share my love for God with the talents and abilities he has blessed me with in the arts. With every completed piece it is my hope to show how his word can truly change the course in our lives.

My creativity took off to another level in 2000 during a difficult time in my life.

It was a season which was very scary, painful, and filled with many failures, disappointment, shattered dreams, and illness. Though there were some great times as well, this part of my life was filled with some bittersweet memories.

The paintbrushes, canvases and paint became my saving grace, and my own form of art therapy to help heal from a very difficult time in my life. There was a lot of healing from emotional and physical pain that took place.

I discovered art and how to create it in a new form. It allowed me to be free and express myself in ways I could not before.

I have enjoyed seeing my artwork and furniture in various hallmark and national movies on screen, but my love of God and how he has worked in my life has brought me full circle and back to the easel and canvas. This is where I desire to paint a message of Hope to a world that seems to be filled with so much pain, hate, confusion and lack of spiritual direction. I firmly believe that my past experiences, once shared through the written word and my paintings, can give others hope that all will be ok, and that God has it all under control.

I want to convey the message of love, faith and encouragement through what I create, and to give back in each work of art a piece of all of my life experiences, discoveries, and my intimate moments with God and life reflections. I want to create beautiful things that bring joy and laughter and whimsy throughout people’s homes, and to cause others to pause for just a moment and remind others that we are all one of Gods beautiful masterpiece.

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