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My name is Jane Marin and my art is Jaaneman Art.

I am a Soul Artist! What does that mean?

It means I create art that expresses my soul, my inner spirit. I use my art to channel messages and insights from the universe, from the source - consequently my art becomes a vehicle for healing. I am still learning to approach my life as art, as a deep creative connection to all that is.

As an intuitive healer and life coach, I work with the vibration of energy - light, form and colour. My art has become an expression of this energy that manifests in two very different but related ways - acrylics on canvas and multimedia mandalas.

As each piece of art comes through, it heals a part of me before I let it go to continue its healing work with others. Whether mandala or painting, the colours, symbols and number vibrations are intuited - a feeling, a message, a voice. I don't always understand until later.

My paintings often relate to the Divine feminine, and whether muse, goddess or another spiritual concept, each asks to be painted. Sometimes waiting patiently on the sideline until I am ready and sometimes so insistent that I may be painting more than one at a time. Divine Feminine is the female aspect in all of us whether male or female, in all traditions and cultures and has been since the beginning of time.

She symbolises nurturing, love, healing, renewal, balance and restoration.

Her principles are those of love, compassion, intuition, creativity and wisdom.

The Divine Feminine energy is reawakening in many of us at this time to enable us to heal ourselves and to heal the world.

Working with acrylics on canvas, I paint these energies and principles into being through the colour, the light, and form resulting in an image that vibrates with energy. My mandalas whilst sometimes created for a specific purpose, generally relate to the spiritual realms and come to me or through me in a similar way to the paintings, bringing messages and healing.

But rather than using a paintbrush, they are created from my own original photographs cut and pasted manually on my computer, in sometimes up to forty layers to create magical healing pieces of colour, light and energy.

These mandalas are the basis for myself published work "Mandala Oracle" Golden Isis 2013 I have been honoured also to have my mandalas grace the pages of some wonderful books by Alana Fairchild (Blue Angel Publishing). So far there are three:

Crystal Angels 444, Crystal Masters 333 and Crystal Goddesses 888.

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