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I live in Szekszárd, South Hungary near the Danube river.

I am a single mother of my 13-year-old son, Gergő. I grew u pin my grandmother’s house. She had a sewing workshop in the back of the house, where she worked.

I fell in love with sewing and have been doing it all my life. I simply love it!

I am convinced that children should be surrounded by an experiment with crafty tools and toys. Handmade equals the best quality to me. When my first creations came to life in my workshop, I fell in love with shapeing and dressing them. I do not quite know what it means the difference between work and time off.

I work freely and my work is my passion. The abundance of patterns and textures in fabrics provide endless opportunities for me to explore . I only use natural materials, carefully handpicked fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, wool to create my collections.

I work intuitively for my own pleasure. I like to use hand stitched details on the dolls, giving them their own character.

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